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Legacy Planning

In the Episcopal Church we believe your estate and end of life plans should reflect your values.  That is why we suggest you follow these three sections in the order presented.  

Advance Directive for Health Care

Take care of yourself and others:  All of us will at some point reach the end of our days.  In that time of turmoil your loved one and health care providers will have to make some tough decisions for you.  The State of Oregon strongly urges everyone to help their people by preparing an advanced directive for health care.  This document will guide your caretakers and family through those decisions knowing your wishes.  Learn more about this, find instructions for the preparation of the form and a pdf copy of the form itself using the button below:

Planning your Funeral

We suggest you plan your funeral alongside writing your will.  Your funeral can then be a reflection of your life, your values, and message to your family and community what was important to you.  Trinity Church has developed a form to help you plan this important rite.

Estate Planning and Your Will

Perhaps the most important planning document you prepare is your Last Will and Testament.  This document will appoint an agent to oversee the execution of your wishes after you are gone and leave instructions on how you wish your assets to be distributed.  For many of us, this will be our legacy for our loved ones and our community.  Once you gather the information you need to prepare your will, you need to consult with your financial advisor, and it is advisable to retain a lawyer to prepare the document for you.

First, catalog your assets and estimate their value.  Here is a useful checklist to help you.  Also consider pension and other revenue streams left for your beneficiaries.

Legacy Gifting:  Plan for your distribution of assets by considering the needs of and your desires for your family, individuals who are important to you, your church, community, and other institutions you want to support in a meaningful way.

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