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Services 2023-2024:  All are Sundays 7PM

The church opens at 6:30PM for a time of music, contemplation and prayer before the service.

     September 17th

     October 15th

     November 19th

     December 10th

     January 21st

     February 18th

     March 17th

     April 21st

     May 19th

     June 16th

Some Hallmarks of Celtic Spirituality

⨁ God in Nature/Creation

⨁ God ever-present

⨁ Incarnational

⨁ Celebrate humanness - body mind and spirit.

⨁ Non-dualistic

⨁ Contemplative, Wonder

⨁ Harmony with seasons of nature and life.

⨁ Thin Places

⨁ Emphasis on the Trinity

⨁ Inclusive

⨁ Simple

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