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Services 2023-2024:  All are Sundays 7PM

The church opens at 6:30PM for a time of music, contemplation and prayer before the service.

     September 17th   ~ Sacred Gathering

     October 15th        ~ Sacred Splendor

     November 19th    ~ Sacred Hospitality

     December 10th    ~ Sacred Waiting

     January 21st         ~ Sacred Courage

     February 11th      ~ Sacred Wilderness

     March 17th           ~ Sacred Path

     April 21st              ~ Sacred Awakening

     May 19th              ~ Sacred Vitality 

     June 16th              ~ Sacred Delight

Some Hallmarks of Celtic Spirituality

⨁ God in Nature/Creation

⨁ God ever-present

⨁ Incarnational

⨁ Celebrate humanness - body mind and spirit.

⨁ Non-dualistic

⨁ Contemplative, Wonder

⨁ Harmony with seasons of nature and life.

⨁ Thin Places

⨁ Emphasis on the Trinity

⨁ Inclusive

⨁ Simple

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