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The Trinity Labyrinth and Garden

What is this place?

Welcome to the Trinity Episcopal Church Labyrinth and garden, a place for prayer, meditation, introspection and relaxation. This sacred space includes a columbarium and sacred ground for the remains of parishioners, and a 42-foot Chartres labyrinth for all to use.

Walking our labyrinth

The spiraling course of the labyrinth will lead you into the center and back out again. The labyrinth experience may be seen as a metaphor for an individual's personal patterns or spiritual journey. It may help you discover where you are and where you are going in the process that winds and unwinds as you walk on the path of life.

Our labyrinth is in a public noisy place.  Don’t let yourself be annoyed by the man-made sounds.  Simply note them.  Gradually let you mind form a sound-picture:  the birds, the flow of traffic, the murmur of conversation.    Imagine it is a concerto for bird and traffic and let it become part of your walk. 

We walk in silence.  Before you start, go to the entrance of the labyrinth and breathe deeply and give thanks for the journey.  As you start on the path, release whatever is present for you.  As you continue walking and releasing, winding and releasing, be aware that the labyrinth path is a mirror of life's path -- with all its unexpected turns and straights, sometimes bringing us close to center/purpose/peace and sometimes far away.  Walk at your own pace-fast or slow whatever works for you.  Stop when you feel like it and move on when you feel like it.  Some people like to stop at the turnings. 

One of you may pass the other and you may see another when you are walking out and they are walking in.  Step to the side or wait. . . whatever you want. 

 This path, takes us to the center, where we now arrive with heart and head open to receive.  Rest here  for a while -- allowing time for possible answers/insights to come, but definitely letting more love into our hearts and more peace into our minds.  Some people will go to each of the petals of the rose in the center and say a prayer in each.  Stay in the center for as long as feels comfortable. 

Returning -- slowly walking back into our busy, everyday world – we take the new insight, the feeling of peace out into the world.


There is no right or wrong way to walk the labyrinth.  It is your space to create .

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