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As the church, we are called to treasure each child as a gift from God, to love and protect the children in our community, and to support families in caring for them.


The Trinity Nursery is available, during church services, to provide a safe, clean, age-appropriate space for the care of children from infancy to age 4.




Godly Play, inspired by Montessori educational principles, is an imaginative approach to supporting the spiritual growth of children 4 years of age and beyond.


The Godly Play Room is equipped with beautiful materials specifically developed to enhance their experience as children listen, wonder, and creatively respond to the lessons presented by the "Story Teller." A second adult, the "Door Person," welcomes the children and provides support throughout the Godly Play session.


There are currently openings for volunteers to train and serve as "Story Tellers" and/or "Door Persons."  If you would like to become part of this joyous ministry,  please contact Sandy Cruz or the Trinity Office.


*The Godly Play space is currently closed for renovation.

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