Social Action at Trinity

Trinity Church Ashland supports Social Action in multiple ways:

Food & Friends
Foods & Friends is a program primarily supported though the Ashland Senior Center. As a supplement to providing nutritious meals at the senior center, Trinity parishioners deliver meals to the homebound in Ashland and vicinity.
Anne McCollom and Maggie McCartney are leaders for this action.
More Information:
Ashland Senior Center
Rogue Valley Council of Governments

The Ashland Emergency Food Bank
Local faith groups, in alliance with the community at large, provide emergency food supplies, without charge, to individuals and families in the Ashland/Talent area who would otherwise go hungry. A team of Trinity parishioners volunteer to staff the emergency food center during winter months. Addition actions by Trinity and other volunteer organization increase awareness about the problem of hunger in local communities.
Patti Chase is the leader for this action.
More Information:
Ashland Emergency Food Bank
Ashland Food Project

St. Nicholas’ Gifts
A major initiative as winter months approach, Trinity parishioners assist a substantial number of local children in need of proper clothing, focusing on December 6, the Feast Day of St. Nicholas, 4th century bishop of Myra and patron of children. This initiative works in coordination with Jackson County Commission on Children and Families.
Judy Clinton is the leader for this action.
More Information:
Jackson County Commission on Children and Families

White Gifts
Closing the Christmas season as St. Nicholas’ Gifts start it, , the White Gifts gift campaign is an annual donation on the Sunday nearest January 6 (Ephipany, Three Kings’ Day) of practical items for those in need of assistance with food and shelter during winter months. This action commemorates the Magi in presenting their gifts to the newborn King. Assistance is in the form of blankets, coats, sleeping bags, sweaters, along with food and household items. Trinity Church works in coordination with the Maslow Project and the Ashland Emergency Food Bank on this action.
Lynn Brandy and Carol Harvey are leaders on this action.
More Information:
The Maslow Project

The Listening Post
The Listening Post provides active, non-interventionist listening to those who are marginalized, isolated and alone in the Ashland community. It is an offering of the hospitality of presence. It is not an intent to impose any beliefs, provide counseling, advise, rescue or fix. Such listening empowers, validates, affirms, comforts and assists others in attaining a sense of wholeness.
Trinity leaders on this action are Sara Hopkins, Nancy Linton and Martha Hutchison.
More Information:
Ashland Listening Post

Sewing Women at Trinity
An active ministry at Trinity Church for almost four decades, this project serves the dual purpose of providing quilts to young people in need, as well as raising monies to support children in foster care along with other needs expressed in the parish. The group creates about 100 large and small quilts a year. Major beneficiary is the Lithia Residential Treatment facility for youth.
Chris Amorelli is the leader for this action.
More Information:
Lithia Springs Residential Treatment

Trinity Shelter Ministry
On a weekly basis during the winter months (mid-November to mid-April), volunteers host overnight shelter to those in need in the Trinity parish hall. Trinity’s Wednesday night shelter is in coordination with other synagogues and churches, along with the City of Ashland to provide a total of four nights’ shelter during the week in the winter season. On most Wednesday evenings, additional volunteers provide a simple, warm meal to guests visiting the shelter.
Russ Otte is the leader for this action. He also coordinates with others in Ashland to expand this activity.

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