Variety of Worship Styles

the trinity lectern

The Trinity pulpit

Trinity’s Varied Styles of Worship

Our worship is rooted in the Book of Common Prayer.  We are attentive to authorized updates and adaptations in rites, and our services have a great deal of variety.

The look and feel of our Sunday morning worship varies throughout the calendar of the Church.  We use different colors, rites, and prayers for the changing seasons and occasions, with greater celebration and ceremony on the major feast days.    On special days we have an enhanced choir with singers from the wider community, and additional instrumental accompaniment.   Even without these festive enhancements, a variety of vocal and instrumental music graces the 10:00 a.m. service throughout the year.

We observe most high feast and fast days  of the Church.  These special liturgies are listed on the Trinity website and the Trinity Sign Board in front of the Church.

As a symbol of the prayer and sacrifice we offer to God, we use incense in our worship on occasion.   We generally limit such use to light amounts at the opening of the principal service on the following five annual feast days:  Christmas Eve, Epiphany Sunday, Easter, Pentecost, and Trinity Sunday.

The Worship Committee

Trinity’s Worship Committee meets once a month to discuss overall liturgical practice and plans for upcoming services.  The Committee is composed of those with specific ministries supporting the liturgy, e.g., the Rector, the Deacons, the Verger, the Head Acolyte, the leaders of Altar Guild and ushers, the music ministers, as well as called members of the Vestry and the larger congregation.  The Committee serves as an advisory body to the Rector, who under the canons of the Episcopal Church is responsible for the conduct of parish worship.   Trinity’s Worship Committee meetings are open to all parishioners.

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