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O God, You are the light that guides our feet. You are the map that gives us direction. You are the peace that makes us strong. You are the leader whom we faithfully follow. May your light illuminate our lives and your guidance bring direction to our work. May we find inspiration in your Word, and peace in our hearts as we follow you.

The Process

The process of electing a Rector is governed by the Canons of the Church and the Bylaws of our Parish. The Bishop has appointed Rev. Chris Craun as Missioner for Thriving Congregations who will serve as Trinity's guide during the process. With her guidance, the Vestry has appointed two key committees: The Parish Profile Committee, which has conducted a survey, analyzed the responses and prepared a comprehensive document describing the Parish and the person we are seeking as Rector.  This Profile Report has been approved by the Vestry and the Diocese. The Search Committee will conduct a thorough screening and interview process of candidates who have responded to the advertisement of the Parish Profile. Additional information on the Search committee is provided below.

Governance During Transition

The Vestry will continue to manage the affairs of the Church during the transition with the support and guidance of our Interim Rector. To the greatest extent possible, we will continue to provide all of the liturgical and pastoral services that Trinitarians are accustomed to.

Points of Contact During the Search Process:

Carolyn Anderson, Senior Warden

Rev. Chris Craun, Missioner for Thriving Congregations

Chair of the Parish Profile Committee

Linda Wilson

Chair of the Search Committee

Kathy French

The Search Committee

The Search Committee consists of 7 people who commit to 3-4 months of work. The group includes parishioners who have worshiped at Trinity for many years and those who are relatively new to our community. See the Trinitarian or the bulletin board in the parish hall for more information about the committee members.

The work of the Search Committee is confidential and during this phase of the process and it may appear to the wider congregation that not much is being done. However, this group is responsible for conducting a detailed and systematic search according to the following outline:

  1. Review cover letters, resumes, and ministry portfolios of prospective candidates from the Bishop's Office.

  2. Discern candidates for follow up questions and/or phone or Zoom interviews.

  3. Send letters (emails) to candidates who have not been selected thanking them for their interest.

  4. Schedule dates for phone/Zoom interviews.

  5. Develop a set of interview questions.

  6. Discern candidates for on-site interviews.

  7. Contact candidates who have not been selected for on-site interviews, thanking them for their interest.

  8. Check references of candidates continuing in the process.

  9. Schedule and hold next round of interviews.

  10. Select the final candidates.

  11. Inform candidates who have not been selected as finalists and thank them for their interest.

  12. Contact Missioner for Thriving Congregations to arrange for Oxford background checks on each of the final candidates.

  13. Invite each final candidate to a worship service, hos a meal with the Search Committee and Vestry, and schedule a meeting for the Bishop to meet each finalist.

  14. Recommend a candidate to the Vestry for consideration.

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