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  • Rev. Dr. Anthony Hutchinson

Relaxing into God

“The sum of a human’s days is great

If it reaches a hundred years.

Like a drop of sea water, like a grain of sand,

So are these few years among the days of eternity.

That is why Yahweh is patient with us,

And showers us with mercy.”

(Sirach 18:7-9)

The daughter of a dear friend of Elena and me recently told me of something that “broke her heart.” Her young son appears to suffering from a genetically transmitted severe hearing loss that she herself suffers and has had to deal with for most of her life. On the way to a third appointment to diagnose the exact problem, he turned to her and said, “Mom, I promise I’ll try my very best today to hear all those little sounds in the earphones. I’ll really, really try, and maybe my hearing will be okay.” Our friend said she had to hold back tears when she reassured him that it would be okay however the tests went, that trying hard wouldn’t help, and might actually hurt. “Just relax, and follow the instructions.”

There are so many things in our lives out of our control. Trying to power over them, while a common habit of many of us, won’t help in the long run, and might actually hurt. Our friend’s advice to her son applies: “Just relax, and follow the instructions.”

As we enter into Holy Week, let us remember that there is nothing we can do or say that will make God love us any more than God already does. Relaxing into God, attentively listening in prayer and following in loving acts for others—these are ways to help us feel God’s already present love.

Grace and Peace.

Fr. Tony+

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