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Trinity Labrynth Refresh

Labyrinth 3 May 2017.jpg

Our Labyrinth is over 20 years old now.  It has been well loved and well used.  It has become a bit tattered and tired.  Come help us revive this sacred space!

Our labyrinth designer will return this September to repair the concrete and lay down a fresh pattern.  We need help from our community in Ashland; those who love this space and those who are curious.

In August we will have the benches refurbished by local artisans and the garden reimagined and replanted.

Come.  We need your help!

   We need volunteers to repaint our labyrinth between September 16 through the 18th.  We will work in 3 hour shifts.  If you can paint between the lines, you would be a perfect volunteer!   If you can help us, please contact the church office so you can be scheduled.  Thanks!

If you can't see yourself painting but would still like to help.  Please press the "Donate Now: button above and contribute what you can.  Thanks Again!

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