Recent Sermons by The Rev. Dr. Anthony Hutchison

Below are listed links to the recent sermons of The Rev. Dr. Anthony Hutchinson, Rector of Trinity Church Ashland.

  • Incarnation and Sacrament The Madonna with Glowing HeartBecause of this ennobled view of all creation, in which the Creator took on the limits and weakness of being a creature, catholics (again of all stripes, whether Eastern, Roman, or Anglican) see throughout creation and created things the presence of God.
  • Endurance, Encouragement, and Hope The Holy Scriptures help us in this: they teach us patience, endurance, and steadfastness through their stories of the faithful few who keep on keeping on despite darkness, suffering, and turmoil.
  • Breaking Dawn Picture of the DawnPaul here does not say we need to worry about rules or purity: all we need is to show love to each other, since love in fact is the source of all truly good action.
  • An Attitude of Gratitude The burden of disability is greater than that of caregiving, but both at times can be heavy.
  • King of All the Ages It is only when the community and political life of a country are doing reasonably well that people have the leisure to say that they cannot be bothered with politics.
  • Blessed Assurance All Saints was originally a catch-all to commemorate the great models of faith, now departed, regardless of whether their names and stories were known.
  • Sermon: Jesus Goes Slumming -October 30, 2016- Yet in today’s Gospel, Jesus invites himself to dinner with a rich man who everyone knows got his money all the wrong ways. Zacchaeus is an architelones, an “arch-toll collector” of Jericho, a wealthy trading center where collaborators with the Roman occupiers.
  • Midweek Message: False Friends -October 19, 2016- In learning any foreign language, we often run into a phenomenon called a “false friend,” or “false cognate”: a word that looks similar to one we know in our mother language, but which in fact has a very different origin, meaning, and usage.
  • Sermon: Hold On! Hold On! -October 16, 2016- Prayer and work in a loving and experienced community rooted in a tradition that beckons us onward and teaches us to welcome more than we already know, accept, and like, is the antidote.
  • Sermon: Returning to Jesus -October 9, 2016- Jesus heals the ten men and women with the contagious skin disease. Keeping with the teachings of his Jewish faith, he tells them to go to the Temple, and seek out a priest to inspect them, perform a ritual, and declare them healed or clean. All go, but one returns to ...

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